After School and Summer Schools

bandHUB is our ongoing after school activity running every half term in 5 week blocks and also our summer school. Students will form a band and learn songs of their choice. They are closely mentored by a tutor and record their songs in the last week of the schools course. bandHUB compliments our instrumental and vocal tuition in schools and our Summer School offers both fun and educational way to spend a week of your summer holidays.

bandHUB - After School and Summer Schools
bandHUB - After School and Summer Schools
bandHUB - After School and Summer Schools
bandHUB - After School and Summer Schools

What is bandHUB?

bandHUB uses state of the art equipment called the ‘JamHub’ whereby a full band can rehearse silently through headphones. Each band member has an individual mixer allowing them to learn a part on their own before turning the other musicians up when they are ready to play together. A maximum of 8 musicians/vocalists will be in a band and 2 bands will run in each session. If you want to get bandHUB into your School or College. Click Here to contact us now.

Equipment Provided:

  • 2 x JamHubs
  • 2 x Yamaha DTXplorer Electric Drum Kits
  • 2 x Yamaha Keyboards
  • 2 x Electric Guitars
  • 2 x Bass Guitars
  • 6 x Microphones
  • 2 x Guitar Multi Effects Pedals
  • 2 x Bass Multi Effects Pedals
  • All leads, cables and headphones

Resources Provided:

  • Video tutorials of each song (available to watch in class on iPad, iPod touches or laptops and also online to learn from home)
  • Sheet music of the songs arranged by Anthem
  • MP3s of the full tracks or backing tracks

Why join bandHUB?

  • Playing with other musicians is a great way to make new friends.
  • Develops confidence to play/sing in front of other people.
  • bandHUB develops the leader in every student.
  • Fantastic way to regularly record and develop your skills as a performer.
  • bandHUB recordings can be used for GCSE and BTEC submissions.

Summer School

The bandHUB Summer School takes place over 5 consecutive days in the summer holidays. Over these 5 days students will attempt to learn and record 3 songs of their choice, take part in a photo shoot and make their very own music video! This video can then be uploaded to Facebook or YouTube to share with their friends and the rest of the world. If you are interested in taking part in the next bandHUB Summer School Click Here to get in touch and book your place!